Dedicated Assistance Animals

How We Can Help
Have the right information and expectations when dealing with individuals with  disabilities and their assisting assistance animal with the help of Animals At Work, Inc. in  Morristown, New Jersey. Our focus is to Animals at Work Inc. provide and train instructs  companies, schools, organizations, and the public with on the appropriate etiquette and  knowledge on of the laws and regulations relating to assistance animals in places of  business. This saves ycostly lawsuits and negative  repercussions of your business in the event of accidentally or unintentionally violation of the person’s civil rights.  Allow us to support you in creating a win­/win situation for the continuing success of your businesses and other endeavors.  Become our partner in fostering awareness for accessibility and acceptance of ­assistance­ animal teams in our society.

For the years 2014 and 2015, Animals At Work Inc.’s initiative is to help veterans  who use assistance animals. Part of this is being accomplished by supporting companies  that hire veterans with the smooth transition for both the employee and the company. We  offer businesses practical instruction and help them prepare to employ veteran and  assistance animal teams, whether the disabilities are visible or not, as with post traumatic  stress disorder, for example.  

Volunteer Work & Donations  
Animals at Work Inc. hopes for the day when disabled people and animal teams  can move about their daily lives without fear of discrimination. We need volunteers and  donations from individuals and organizations to help realize this vision. We accept all  forms of donations, including airline miles, money, and supplies to support people with  service animals. Help us make this goal a possibility.

Contact us in Morristown, New Jersey, to learn how service animals help employed veterans in their everyday work.