About Animals at Work, Inc.

Animals At Work, Inc. in Morristown, New Jersey, is committed to fostering, understanding, and advocating for the rights of the disabled and assistance animal team to ultimately create wider public accessibility and recognition.

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Our Accomplishments

Since establishing Animals At Work, Inc., we have worked with New Jersey government to allow children with autism and physical disabilities to attend mainstream schooling systems with a service dog by their side. Furthermore, we have met with businesses and airline establishments to discuss the possibility of partnerships and training for their employees about the rights of those who utilize an assistance animal.

Additionally, we have been hosting speaking engagements throughout various schools and adult facilities to discuss the importance of assistance animals, business accessibility, and ways to approach a working animal team. Our mission is highly unique and exclusive, as we are considered "aftercare" in the assistance animal industry. Animals At Work, Inc. partnered with Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden) to create the first New Jersey Day of Assistance Animal Recognition held every second Wednesday of August. Our work has been specific to the New Jersey area, but our vision now is to take this national and reach across the United States.

Mr. Handsome and Leah

About Leah B. Levine, CEO and Founder of Animals at Work, Inc.

Leah’s life path has provided her with the skills, tools and heart to be a facilitator of reform and change. After spending thirty years as a highly trained runner, triathlete and cyclist, Leah was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008. Unable to walk without the use of an assistive device, Leah was paired with Linus, her service dog. Experiencing life with a service animal opened Leah’s eyes to the need for improved community acceptance and progress around this issue that has become her personal mission.

In 2011, she created and founded Animals at Work, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) corporation dedicated to raising governmental, public and private sector accessibility and acceptance, while advocating on behalf of the disabled and their assistance animal partners. It is the only non-profit committed solely to building awareness for assistance animal “teams” which foster mobility, independence and overall wellbeing for the person with a visible or invisible disability.

Her commitment to change and growth also extends to her private practice as an ontologically trained Life Coach and Leader in Training for Accomplishment Coaching, where she supports her clients to transform their own lives.

Prior to starting Animals at Work, Leah’s experience included positions as a Logistics and Business Manager for a major footwear brand; a group fitness instructor (Spinning) and personal trainer, specializing in clients with special needs and post-rehab issues; a NJ Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant working specifically with patients of strokes, Traumatic Brain Injury  and spinal cord injuries; and a licensed NYS Cosmetologist for thirty years.

Leah is the proud mother of Joshua and Kayla Nalven. Leah and Linus reside in Morristown, NJ.

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