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Animals At Work, Inc.

Animals At Work Inc., in Morristown, Jersey, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advocating for the civil rights of disabled individuals who use an assistance animal. Founded by in February of 2011, AAW provides training on federal laws that protect the rights of the disabled and their service animals to businesses, government offices, schools, and the general public. With help from volunteers and donations, AAW strives to make a difference and raise awareness on this social issue.

Trusted Nonprofit Organization & Essential Assistance Animal Laws

Animals at Work Inc. advocates for those who rely on their four-legged partners for assistance with daily living. Federal laws protect the entry of assistance animals specifically trained to accompany people with visible and invisible disabilities everywhere. Assistance animals include guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs, and (with some limitations) miniature horses. Many businesses, restaurants, transit authorities, schools, and arms of government are unaware of federal regulations. As a result, assistance animal teams are often met with resistance, disdain, fear of being fined for health violations, and confusion. Our goal is to ensure team accessibility and acceptance by everyone in places of public accommodations. Animals at Work helps not only those with service animals but businesses too. Knowing the laws and the right protocols when dealing with the disabled and their assistance animals can save businesses from costly litigation while enhancing their reputation.

Contact us in Morristown, New Jersey, and be informed with significant assistance animal laws.

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